15 Cats That Have No Idea What You Mean by ‘Personal Space’

Instagram @remyslegacy

Instagram @remyslegacy

Anyone that shares their heart and home with a cat (or two… or three…) knows that when it comes to personal space, cats have no idea what you mean. Or they do, and they just don’t care.

Take these 15 cats, for example:

We are still working on #personalspace 😂#kittens #kittensofinstagram #classictee

A post shared by Courtney Wade (@lularoecourtneywade) on

*watching a show on my phone* *cat lays down on my face* #personalspace #guesssomeoneneedsattention

A post shared by Ian Barnes (@ian_w_barnes) on

Pumpkin is enjoying the bath soak just as much as I am #personalspace #bathsoak #bathsalts #arbonneaussies #vegancertified #dowhatyoulove #newproductlove

A post shared by Millie Independent Consultant (@millieindependent.consultant) on

Sometimes you wake up with a cat on your face. #catsofinstagram #catonmyface #cat #iwokeuplikethis

A post shared by Joshua Lee Kegley (@imjustjoshying) on

Perussettiä #catstagram #catonmyface #catsofinstagram

A post shared by Annika (@anniakk) on

That’s fucking rude Holly! #catsofinstagram#sillycat#catonmyface#rudecat

A post shared by Anita (@annabel12lee) on

Yes, Angus you may rest on my chest. I wasn’t trying to read or anything. #assholecat #blackcatsofinstagram

A post shared by William Drown (@drownbilly) on



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