21 Cats That Swear They Didn’t Do It!

Your evidence is circumstantial! These 21 cats swear they didn’t do it and by the looks of it, they were obviously framed!

This sweet Bengal kitty, helping straighten the rug:

This pretty kitty was putting away the dishes:

Soooooooo…I found my cat. #badkitty #Bentley #tigerbaby

A photo posted by Andrea Penkava (@apenkava) on

Aw, what a good boy, checking to make sure your coffee isn’t poisoned:

This cat that’s just as confused as you are about how this could have happened:

Dont fuck with Chimue. #hunter #hunting #badkitty

A photo posted by Laura (@sicadelic) on

This adorable cat is just cleaning up a mess the dog made:

That day someone got into the rice….#badkitty #babykitty #kittens

A photo posted by Michele Stedley (@michele_stedley) on

This pretty kitty that was just sitting here when the toilet paper exploded:

She is in so much trouble lol. Notice her in the cubby hole… @cats_of_instagram #badkitty #luna #lunatuna

A photo posted by Emily Cole (@themisscole) on

This cat that was clearly framed:

#laptop #picture #cat #unfreeze #wake #busted #caughtintheact #surveillance #hacker #computer

A photo posted by 🍒 (@missprisstina) on

This precious cat that was just concerned for your safety when the couch started spontaneously falling apart:

This lovely kitty who was trying to fix your broken blinds:

This pretty kitty who was just holding on to the paper towels for safe keeping:

This cat who says, “Your evidence is circumstantial…and your scone was delicious.”

This furry friend who was just making sure you got all the groceries out:

#caughtintheact #kittyinbag

A video posted by @elliestreif on

This handsome kitty who was cleaning the floor for you:

This pretty Ragdoll who is just as curious as you are about where the food went:

This gorgeous cat who swears it was like this when he got here:

This cat who has no explanation for why his paw is stained the same color as your pasta sauce:

Someone has been in the pasta… #guiltykitty

A photo posted by Tori Binkley (@tori_binkley) on

This pretty black and white beauty who swears the toilet paper started it!

That guilty face doe #guiltykitty #100happydays #day83

A photo posted by Amy Gilroy (@_amziee) on

This boy who just wants to demonstrate the importance of changing the roll when it’s empty:

This morning’s temper tantrum is brought to you by John-Cat…

A video posted by miranda moore (@mimodc) on

This handsome boy who didn’t want to wake you, so he helped himself:

Came home to find the treat bag on the floor, in tatters. #busted #snacktime #guiltykitty #catsofinstagram #felinegreenies

A photo posted by Figgy Magoo (@thesnaggletoothtiger) on

This silly kitty who was just making sure all the toys were put away properly:

This longhaired kitty who was planning to cook you a nice dinner and serve it on these plates, yeah, these:

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