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American Bobtail

Although cat fanciers have only started standardizing the American Bobtail in the late 1960s, it’s been recorded that the breed has already existed in the US for several generations. A perfect example of a kind refined through natural selection, this breed’s origin can be traced back to a community of undomesticated cats born with naturally bobbed tails. American Bobtails, which are medium or large in size, are rather long, well-built cats with a solid and muscular body. Its wild appearance is characterized by a distinct wedge-shaped head, a prominent brow over a pair of large, almond-shaped, focused “hunter” eyes, slightly longer hind legs, and a very short tail which is just about 1/3 to ½ the length of an average cat’s tail. The breed’s tail, which happens to be its most defining feature, is usually straight, though may also curve, be slightly knotted or have a bump. The American Bobtails, which bear resemblance to a wild bobcat in its overall appearance, have a water-resistant, luxurious, double coat that comes in all colors and patterns.


Exceptionally sweet and affectionate, American Bobtails are adored for its friendliness and dog-like devotion and temperament. They like to sit on their owner’s lap and be petted. Adaptable by nature, this people-oriented breed loves to play various games and is undeniably wonderful with children. American Bobtail cat is the kind that will happily greet you at the door once you arrive home. In addition, because of the breed’s even disposition and sensitivity to people in distress, they can be used by therapists in calming distraught patients.  Intelligent and active, this lively cat is known to be an uncanny problem-solver because of its ability to break out from locked cages and closed rooms. American Bobtails make good travelers, too. In fact, the breed has been among the sought-after cabin companions for a number of long-haul truck drivers.


In order to get rid of dead hair at the same time keep the cat’s coat healthy, brushing them at least a couple of times a week is necessary. A slicker brush or rubber curry brush is an excellent grooming tool for the American Bobtail’s coat. The only other grooming care he requires is occasional ear-cleaning and weekly nail trimming.

Health Concerns

American Bobtail cats are a generally hardy breed, but members of the breed with no tail can be prone to spinal problems that might affect their ability in controlling bowel movement.

Best Environment

Like all cats, the American Bobtail is well-suited to any living environment with owners who will love and take care of him. Just keep him indoors so you can always protect him from cars, communicable feline diseases, and attacks from other animals.



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