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Balinese_blue_lynx_pointSpringing directly from the popular Siamese line, the Balinese cat is a gorgeous oriental breed that wears a fine, smooth coat enhanced by its dark markings or points. The breed is mostly distinguished by their exquisite wedge-shaped face, bright blue eyes, wide-set ears, long tail, and slender legs. Everything about it is just plain long: from the very tip of its nose down to its noticeably, long feathered tail. Overall, the look of Balinese cats greatly bears a resemblance to the long-haired variety of the Siamese, which is in fact what they are. The Balinese is very much less covered with hair and does not have woolly basecoats as compared to most long and semi-long-haired cats. The same with the purebred Siamese cat, the Balinese also has specific coat colors recognized by the American Cat Fancier’s Association. These include blue point, seal point, lilac point and chocolate point. Several other color variants, however, were added in 2008, under which is now known as the Javanese Division.


Despite the breed’s aristocratic look, the Balinese is known for their good humor and pleasant disposition. Like their parent line, this cat is affectionate and very fond of interacting with their human companions; making it one of their most remarkable qualities.  Sensitive to its owner’s moods and feelings, the Balinese is always ready to cheer you up when you feel blue. Highly social, this cat can also get along well with children and other pets in the household. Its inquisitiveness and high intelligence inherently pushes the Balinese atop the hierarchy amongst other cats; however, it’s sweet and friendly enough not to tower above them. Although this breed often has a reserved and independent demeanor, the Balinese is fun to be with as it’s very smart and loves to play around.


Considered to be easy-keepers, the Balinese needs very little grooming. The breed is not prone to matted coats and occasional brushing is could be done just to keep its silky coat neat and healthy.

Health Concerns

Balinese cats have been found to be predisposed to feline acromelanism which is a kind of abnormal skin condition determined by genes and manifested by a pattern of pigmentation on their face, ears, legs, and tail. These cats are also prone to be born with a few undesirable traits like squinted or crossed eyes and kinked tails. Due to their predisposition to nasal obstruction, the Balinese cats can also be at risk of breathing difficulties.

Best Environment

Having elevated energy levels, this curious and highly active breed would surely benefit from a home that’s friendly for jumping and climbing. Valuable objects should never be displayed on open shelves though. Balinese cats are best suited for indoor life. They love to relax on couches and other cushioned daybeds.

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