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Developed in the US during the mid-1950s by Miss Nikki Horner, the beautiful Bombay cat was refined by the said famous American cat breeder through disciplined line-breeding as well as in and out breeding of a dazzling Black American Shorthair male and an exquisite Grand Champion Sable Burmese female which has deep copper eyes. The result of that very careful cross-breeding was a golden-eyed, jet-black domestic cat unlike any other; bearing resemblance to the Indian black panther. The breed was then named after the Indian city of Bombay (now called Mumbai), for such reason. The well-built Bombay cat which is medium in size curiously looks to a certain extent ordinary and mundane as a kitten. It does not develop its glossy, satin-like, jet-black coat, and stunning copper-colored eyes, and other exotic physical characteristics until after it reaches its fourth month.


Being rather genetically closely related with Burmese cats, the Bombay has personalities quite comparable to those of the former. Even-tempered, gentle and very affectionate, the Bombay cats generally make excellent companions in the household. They crave for attention and are particularly tolerant of children, other cats, and even of dogs. If an aloof and independent cat is what you are looking for, this kind of feline is surely not for you. Bombay cats always want constant affection and are easily attached to their human family. They are very intelligent, outgoing and playful, too. In fact, Bombay cats are somewhat adept at making up different ways of amusing themselves (and others) if they have to, although they rarely as uproarious as some cat breeds.


Bombay cats have a shiny, short coat that sheds very little. It is easy to groom and would only require some weekly brushing. The breed (just like any other cat), nonetheless, still needs regular nail trimming, ear-cleaning, and dental care in order to keep them clean and in the pink.

Best Environment

This beautiful, endearing breed is well-suited to any living situation with responsible owners who will love them and take care of them very well. Just keep your Bombay cat indoors to protect them from numerous outside perils like communicable diseases from other cats, car accidents, and attacks from other animals.

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