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Recognized to be the descendants of the copper-colored felines in Thailand way back in 1500’s, the Burmese cat is another adored breed distinguished for its fluffy, stocky look. Although this breed used to be described as medium, long, and elegant in the 1953 standard, four years later, it’s illustrated as halfway between domestic shorthair and Siamese. This small to medium but heavily built cat has a smooth, low-maintenance coat that’s generally dark brown in color. Due to their broad chests and strong muscles, the Burmese cat is said to be burlier as compared to their Siamese cousins. Also, unlike its North American versions which usually have a more square body physique and a shorter nose, British Burmese cats normally have a more agile body structure and much longer facial features.


Sociable, friendly and people-oriented, this breed loves to form warm, intimate bonds with its family and even with the other pets in the house. They even enjoy cuddling and snuggling with their owners. Burmese cats have always been cherished for their very sunny personality; often described as dog-like for its cheerful temperament. They are kind, calm, loyal and very affectionate. They can be rather playful, amusing, and gregarious, too. Like the Siamese, Burmese cats are very active as well; perfect for those who yearn for love and like entertainment. While the females tend to be livelier, more curious and much emotionally involved with their family members, the breed’s male counterpart, on the other hand, seems to be more placid. Although they love their human companions, too, they tend to be more easily content just lounging about on top of whatever you do; usually taking life as it comes. Both male and female Burmese cats; however, display a tremendous appetite for food. Also, the breed tends to speak with a hoarse voice like it has gotten a bad throat from over-chatting. Although they are usually quieter as compared to Siamese cats, the Burmese will purr whenever it gets edgy or becomes wound up.

Health Concerns

Burmese cats are generally healthy breeds. As a matter of fact, they have an average life span of 15 long years. Nevertheless, the breed is still prone to several medical issues. These include cardiovascular conditions and mild dermatological problems, musculoskeletal complications, and neurological disorders. Even eye problems and respiratory illnesses could be health issues as well.

Best Environment

Inquisitive and energetic, Burmese cats would enjoy an indoor life with lots of opportunities to play and amuse themselves. Because of their devotion, this cat is very likely to follow you around like a shadow. The breed likes to give and take love and affection at every chance. No wonder, those who spend enough quality time with these wonderful Burmese cats almost always are eternally endeared to it.

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