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Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is regarded to be the only naturally spotted domestic cat breed in existence, with a strong belief that it’s a subspecies of the African wild cat. Records suggest that the gene pool of this exquisite cat was broadened by imports which could be traced back after a Russian princess by the name of Nathalie Troubetskoy brought with her three Egyptian Maus when she emigarated to the United States in 1956.

In general, Egyptian Mau cats are long and medium in size. They are well-muscled and have unique random markings all throughout their body. The breed has a slightly rounded, wedge-shaped head without flat planes, and a pair of large ears which could be tufted. Egyptian Maus’ large, almond-shaped, alert eyes are slightly slanted, and normally turn into color green by the time the cat reaches 18 months old. They are often distinguished for the pair of black darting lines from corner to corner of their cheeks, striking mascara lines, and scarab “M” mark on their forehead. The Egyptian Maus have a graceful body and hind legs that are a little longer than their forelegs. Their coat is soft, shiny and silky, with acceptable colors like silver, smoke, and bronze.


Egyptian Maus may be fist adored for its stunning look and glossy, spotted coat, but it is loved and cherished mainly for its markedly good temperament. Although believed to be initially suspicious with strangers, this breed is said to be very loyal and faithful. Gentle and rather reserved, Egyptian Maus love their owners and often crave for their attention and affection. With early socialization, this sensitive and at times shy mouser can be geared up for meeting new people and pets, traveling, and even for show. Also, having inherited the hunting attribute, Egyptian Maus seem to enjoy chasing and trailing games. Like most felines, this breed is energetic and loves to climb shelves and onto people’s shoulder. Observant and highly intelligent, Egyptian Maus can be easily taught to learn various tricks and even to manipulate puzzle toys.


The only grooming that this beautiful cat requires are weekly hair brushing, nail trimming and ear cleaning. Dental care also has to be observed to ensure your Egyptian Mau’s fresh breath and overall good health.

Health Concerns

Egyptian Maus are generally a hardy and healthy breed. However, there’s one particular medical problem that might affect the cat: a neurological condition called leuodystrophy which may manifest in kittens as young as 7-weeks old.

Best Environment

Egyptian Maus are by and large well-suited to any home with responsible owners who will love them and take care of them well. Just always keep them indoors to save them from outside harms like car accidents, infectious feline diseases, and lethal attacks from other animals.



  1. Brian

    Jan 26, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    This has always been my favorite cat.
    Finding out that it is the oldest domesticated cat and worshiped by many cultures is really interesting. In ancient Egypt they actually used to mummify these cats like humans and had a goddess and temple for them – needless to say they were highly revered.
    When I lived in Myanmar there was a domesticated Egyptian Mau type cat which lived next door or somewhere nearby. It had three litters of kittens in one year! And strangely enough, whenever it got pregnant, it would come to my apartment complex entrance to lounge around on a table in the lobby. It was gorgeous with mascara lines coming off its eyes, a spotted body, and a striped tail. And it was so friendly. Even when pregnant it would stand up to be petted and never showed any aggression. I would love to own one if I stayed in one place long enough to keep it. I totally recommend this breed of cat to anyone considering “hmmm, what kind of cat should I get for the family.” Just watch out if you get a female that she doesn’t have a lot of kittens if you’re not prepared to find homes for them. They seem to be an amorous breed. Perhaps that’s why they’re so friendly.

  2. Edna Bernhard

    Feb 22, 2015 at 4:51 pm

    Once again, thank you Catington Post and Brandy Arnold for this valuable info on Cat Breeds with their respective descriptions and attributes! We decided to adopt two 4-Month old kittens (identical twins, brother ans sister) from a lovely family living approximately 2 Hours away from our home who could no longer keep because their two dogs we being to rough on the kittens. We found them on Craig’s List for free. No money wanted! Just a loving home is all they were asking for! We immediately fell for these two cuties based on the picture they had posted with their ad. While others wanted to adopt just one kitten from them (is what they told us later) we wanted both! We drove all the way out from the Los Angeles, CA area to the Palm Desert, CA area to pick them up… and boy was it worth it! …Curious to know what breed these kittens are we came to Catington Post to find out, as always. We did the same for our three other cats (American Short Hair, Korat and LaPerme). And low and behold we have been blessed once again! This time with a pair of adorable Egyptian Maus. The description here is exactly “down to a tee”! …Will be back, Lord willing, 14-months from now to update on the changing of their colors to green! 🙂

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