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Maine Coon


maine coonLike the Great Dane in the canine circle, the Maine Coon cat is also known (in their own superb feline world) as the “gentle giant”. Considered to have descended from the native long-haired cat in America not earlier than the 18th Century, this breed is distinguished for its large size; weighing about 12 to 18 pounds. Distinct for its smooth and shaggy coat, the Maine Coon cat’s water-repellent fur comes in various colors, although brown is said to have been the favourite of most fanciers at present. The breed’s long, silky hair is shorter on their shoulders and quite longer on their stomach area. Deemed as the second most popular breed in America, the Maine Coon cat is venerated for their large size, lush coat, resilient disposition, high intelligence and unfailing devotion to their owners.


Sociable and outgoing, this extroverted cat is generally adored for their kind disposition and loving nature. They are intelligent and highly trainable; making it rather easy for owners to teach them a number of tricks. Playful and affectionate, Maine Coon cats are known for its ability to get along pretty well with children and other pets in the household. Although they are quite reserved around unfamiliar people, even the most cautious of their line can still adapt if give the time. They are docile, obedient, and generally like to be near their human family not just for companionship but for active involvement as well in whatever activity there is at home. More adventuresome than most long-haired cats, this breed is fascinated with water and is often described as a pooch in a cat’s clothing. Given the breed’s excellent working origins, it’s not very surprising that Maine Coon cats love to explore.


Because of the breed’s soft and glossy (rather than cottony) fur, their coat does not mat as quickly as the coats of some long-haired felines. To keep their hair smooth and silky, regular combing with the use of steel comb that is done twice a week is highly recommended. Providing them opportunities for regular exercise usually in the form of play is great.

Health Concerns

Maine Coon cats have been found to be at risk of developing hip dysplasia and a form of heart condition known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is more common among middle-aged to older male cats.

Best Environment

Because of the breed’s capacity to especially thrive in blended indoor and outdoor living environment, Maine Coon cats are probably best suited in the countryside. Like most cats, this adorable breed does not do well when confined or left alone for too long.



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