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See and Treat your Cat – from Anywhere!

The SocialPet Camera and Treat Dispenser includes everything you see here!

The SocialPet Camera and Treat Dispenser includes everything you see here!

Do you wonder what your cat does while you’re away from home? Have you ever wished you could look in on him, and even give him a treat? Do you have a kitty with separation anxiety (or, like me, do you feel separation anxiety when you’re away from your furkids)?

PetSafe recently introduced a product tailor-made for those of us who travel frequently or just simply hate leaving our pets at home alone while we’re at work – PetSafe’s SocialPet Camera and Treat Dispenser System.

I received the new SocialPet System and eagerly dropped everything I was doing to set it up. Setup was super easy using PetSafe’s interactive installation guide. A few clicks of the mouse and my camera feed was live! But, SocialPet is unlike any other pet cam available on the market. The camera offers 300 degrees of horizontal and 120 degrees of vertical pan allowing you to see everything your pet is doing. The best part, though, is that the system is linked to a wireless treat dispenser! Yes, you read that correctly. You can watch your cats and dispense treats to them remotely!

What’s more, using PetSafe’s SocialPet Facebook app, you can let your Facebook friends visit your pet and give treats, too.

Using the SocialPet app, you can take snapshots of your pets on camera and share them on Facebook!

Using the SocialPet app, you can take snapshots of your pets on camera and share them on Facebook!

When I first set the system up, before I set treat limits, I had about 20 Facebook friends watching and giving snacks. They got to watch a show when Mandy ate too many treats and vomited right in front of the camera! I quickly set limits on how many times my friends could give treats and I fill the treat dispenser with kibble now instead of treats so the furkids don’t get fat.

Two weeks after I set SocialPet up in my home, I had to go out of town. This system proved to be priceless. I was able to check in on my ‘kids’ whenever I was missing them (which was a LOT). I was also able to spy on my petsitter and make sure the house was still standing while I was away! I love to talk about my Sphynx cats with new people I meet, and now I can show them a live video stream instead of just thumbing through the thousands of photos I have stored in my phone!

The new SocialPet Camera & Treat Dispenser System lets you seetreat, and share your pet’s best moments – from anywhere.

SocialPet’s wifi camera can be placed anywhere in your home that your cat likes to hang out. I placed mine near the floor in the corner of my living room, where they spend most of their day. It plugs into a standard wall outlet. This setup works perfectly for me because I can see them sleeping on the sofa and also watch them wandering around looking for trouble.

Setting up the camera is a breeze, but if you have any trouble, PetSafe has an impressive Customer Care Center with specialists in Knoxville, Tennessee, to help you get connected.

Walter showing us his best side!

Walter showing us his best side!

Perhaps the coolest feature of SocialPet is the ability to give treats remotely. I’ve used a few other web cams to look in on my pets while I was away, but none are interactive. I’m thrilled with the ability to reward my cats while they’re behaving or to simply dispense a treat if they’re out of view of the camera and watch them happily running to get a snack!

The most unique feature of SocialPet (and also my favorite feature!) is the ability to share with your Facebook friends and family who love your pets (almost) as much as you do! You can set permissions to anyone on your friends list and individually assign the ability for them to pan the camera, dispense treats, take a photo and more. You can also set a limit on the amount of treats that can be given during a certain time period.

screen568x568One of my Facebook friends who was seeing and treating my kids loved SocialPet so much, she bought the system for herself. So now, when I log into SocialPet (either on my computer or using the smart phone app) I can also see and treat her cats!

All that said, if you want to keep your camera private, just simply use the app without inviting your friends to see it. The wi-fi camera uses an encrypted password and a secure connection so you can rest assured that no uninvited guests are looking in on you and your pets.

SocialPet lets you see what your pet does all day. Does he sleep? Eat? Get into trouble? Find out which one of your cats is a trouble maker and which one is a perfect angel all day! I was so impressed with SocialPet, I plan on adding another camera upstairs and connecting it to my existing account. I see a lot of new pet products and love the opportunity to try them out, but few of them have been this exciting!

SocialPet retails for $199 and is sold online by PetSafe. Shop now and get free shipping. Click here!

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