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siameseOriginated from the country of Siam, now known as Thailand, in the 14th Century is an exotic feline breed treasured for many centuries due to its aristocratic physical attributes and captivating personality – the Siamese cat. Considered to be one of the very first purebred domestic cats exported from Asia to Europe, the Siamese is a slender, elegant breed with long and lithe bodies and finely-honed muzzles. They have a wedge-shaped head, slight Roman nose, and alert facial expression. In addition, the breed’s oval-shaped paws are small, and their hind legs are markedly longer than their forelegs. Siamese cats’ bright, sapphire blue eyes are almond-shaped and their widely-set ears are large and pointed. Their tail is long and tapered with no trace of a kink, and their short, glossy coat often has a pale base color. It usually has darker points on the cat’s face or mask, ear tips, legs, feet, and tail. Overall, the Siamese cat, which is often referred to as the “living art”, is a stunning, refined feline that should exude class in breed type and poise in attitude.


Friendly, affectionate and loyal, this breed is adored for its precocious and outgoing personality. As a matter of fact, the Siamese, especially its Blue Point variety is regarded as one of the gentlest and most loving among the colorpoint shorthair cats. Siamese cats are very welcoming to people and even to household pets that they are familiar with and like. Known for its talent to communicate their ideas and desires well to their human friends, the Siamese cats don’t just create meaningless meows. Unwaveringly social and highly dependent upon their owners, this breed generally craves for active involvement in their human family’s lives. That’s why don’t be too surprised if they follow you wherever you go. Although Siamese cats can seem unpredictable and even aloof and disinterested at times, it’s all just an act. If you intend on developing a close, caring relationship with this lovely breed, always treat them with respect and patience. Also, don’t forget to shower them with loads of affection.

Health Concerns

Long-lived and healthy, the Siamese cat has an average lifespan of 15 years or more. Crossed eyes were once a common condition in this breed, but this trait has almost been removed due to selective and careful breeding practices.

Best Environment

Siamese cats mostly thrive on constant companionship and affection, and they do not like to be left alone for too long. The breed usually does better when kept indoors in pairs so that when you are away, they can entertain themselves for a while. Some members of the line can have a nervous disposition and most of them do not like sudden changes in their living environment. Also, Siamese cats can be rather aloof toward strangers and are usually skittish around new arrivals at home.



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