5 Home Remedies for Hairballs

5 Home Remedies for HairballsWhy does it always seem like you find those disgusting hairballs with the bottom of your bare foot? Let’s face it – hairballs are gross. Cats get them from licking their coats and swallowing the fur. That hair builds up into a wad in their stomach and is promptly vomited back up. But, fear not! There are several things you can do at home to help make your house a hairball-free zone:

Brush your cat regularly
This reduces shedding, too. Obviously, the less loose hair on your kitty, the less he’ll ingest when he grooms himself. Brush long-haired cats daily and short-haired cats every 2-3 days. After brushing, thoroughly wipe down your kit’s fur with a moist towel.

Add fish oil to your cat’s diet
Fish oil capsules squeezed over his food or even a sardine as a treat will work. The fish oil will help keep clumps of hair moving through your cat’s digestive system.

Give your cat some butter
If your cat is hacking up a lot of hairballs, give him half a teaspoon of butter once a day for a week.

Give your cat some pumpkin
The natural fiber in pumpkin will help keep your cat regular and keep the hair moving through your kitty’s system. Be sure you use 100% pure pumpkin – not pie filling.

Put vaseline on your cat’s paws
Petroleum jelly will lubricate your cat’s digestive tract, allowing the hair to travel all the way through. Since she probably won’t voluntarily ingest it, put a dab of it on her paws and she’ll lick it off.

What other home remedies have you found to put a halt to hairballs?



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