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Imagine lounging on your couch, enjoying a rare moment of tranquility, when suddenly your feline friend starts scratching their ears

If you’ve got an indoor cat, you know they’re more than just pets – they’re cuddly, purring members of the

Summer can be a particularly challenging time for our furry friends who live outdoors. Community cats, also known as feral

There’s an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of outdoor cats. However, many cats have a preference, and many […]

Your cat is a wonderful and important part of your life. Their influence doesn’t have to begin and end in […]

Whether you’re taking a short trip or working on the road full-time, caution and safety are essential if you’re traveling […]

As a cat owner, you’re likely all too aware of how finicky our feline friends can be — especially when […]

Cats and Halloween are a match made in heaven, or should we say, a match made in some dark, eerie […]

Outdoor adventures don’t have to be limited to man’s best friend. With a little patience and the right gear, you […]

Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, and others taught us the hard way that the safety of our animals must be made a […]

As cat lovers, we understand the desire to take your feline companion along on your summer adventures. Traveling with your […]

Disasters strike when we least expect. The best any of us could do is to put in place a disaster […]

While warm weather brings sunshine, backyard barbecues, and more time outside, it also brings along with it a veritable army […]

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