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Adventures with Your Cat: Safety, Fun, and Essentials

Your cat is a wonderful and important part of your life. Their influence doesn’t have to begin and end in your own home, though. More people are sharing their love of adventure by exploring the world with their feline friends. This can not only help you feel closer to your cat, but can also be a great form of enrichment for them.

adventures with your cat can be fun if you're well prepared
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That said, it’s important not to just dive into an outdoor adventure with your cat. Whether you’re camping in the woods or taking a cross-country road trip, a little focused preparation is useful. Importantly, it tends to make the experience more positive for everyone involved.

Take Your Time

Cats can certainly seem like they take to adventure naturally. After all, they can be mischievous, playful, and curious. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be easy for them to go on a trip with you. Many cats find heading into new environments a source of anxiety. Not to mention that traveling in a vehicle to be stressful and occasionally traumatizing.

So, how can you help them overcome this? Start by taking your time introducing them to the concept of adventurous travel.

  • Get them used to wearing their harness in the home for short periods of time.
  • Take them out for a little walk in your yard or neighborhood.
  • Drive on short car trips that build gradually in length, culminating in taking them for a walk in new spaces.

Remember, though, that each cat has different personalities and tolerances for travel. Let your cat lead the way here and keep providing them with reassurance.

Pack the Essentials

Just as you would heading out into a wilderness adventure on your own, you need to pay close attention to packing for your cat. Some of their essentials will be similar to your own, while others will be more specialized cat items. The more thoroughly you pack, the less likely you’ll have to panic-search for solutions to the unexpected.

A cat carrier

They might happily spend much of the trip sitting in the back seat of your car. However, a carrier provides them a safe space to retreat to if needed. Not to mention it’s good for transitioning between the vehicle and any hotels or public buildings you enter.


There will be a lot of things to entertain your cat during your adventure. However, your cat might get a little restless when you’re resting or driving. Be sure to pack some of their favorite toys. This is not only entertainment, but can also be comforting.

Food and water

You know how hungry adventuring can make you. Make sure you pack some healthy snacks for your cat. Proteins — such as cooked unseasoned chicken — can be a great source of energy when you’re exploring the outdoors together. Ensure you have a bowl with you that your cat can drink from, too.

First-aid kit

Injuries will occur occasionally: it’s a fact of adventuring. It’s important to pack a comprehensive first aid kit. You can also find it useful to familiarize yourself with first-aid tips and hacks that you can use even when you don’t have your kit to hand. For instance, you can stem blood flow by using a belt as a tourniquet.

If you don’t have an antiseptic cream, clean salt water can be used to flush wounds. Importantly, many first-aid tips and equipment are good for cats as well as their human owners.

Behave responsibly

The great outdoors has the potential to offer some wonderful new experiences for both you and your cat. You’ll discover enriching environments and get to see some new wildlife. However, when taking a cat on such excursions, it’s important to behave as a responsible pet owner.

Around wildlife

It can be great for your cat to see new animal life they might not see at home. National Parks can be a great place to do this and often welcome cats. However, this shouldn’t be at the expense of the well-being of wild animals. Ensure your cat is always tethered by a harness when walking in natural areas. Don’t allow them to chase birds or disturb habitats.

Navigating storms

Bad weather can occasionally arise on adventures. It’s vital for the safety of you and your cat to take extra care when driving in severe storm conditions. Reduce your speed and increase your following distance. Put your cat in their carrier so they don’t distract you from the road. Having your headlights up can also increase your visibility to other cars.


If you’re taking your cat on an adventure, you should also take the time to prepare. Be mindful of their needs, from how they feel about traveling to the resources they’ll need for your journey. Remember, though, that some cats really aren’t comfortable with outdoor adventure. There are plenty of other enriching activities you can do with them in your own home!

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