7 Ways Your Cat Says “I Love You”

shutterstock_358480727-minCats are one of the interesting and most peaceful pets to adopt. They possess strong qualities that make them preferable for many people to keep. Just like human beings, they have moods and emotions and this calls for them to be stimulated emotionally and physically. When well taken care of, cats can be great lovers and the best company to have around!

7 Ways your cat shows you love:

Constantly following you.


This shows that the cat cannot get enough of your company and yearns for more. Cats will follow around the house, jumping from table to table and counters even when it’s not time to feed them. It may even be right on your bed when you thought they are lying somewhere on the couch. This behavior elaborates a strong connection of love between the owner and the cat.

Night time visits.


Cats love to pay you a visit during the night and share in your comfort. Sometimes you may be asleep and may not realize that kitty showed up in the room and cuddled you, even messing up your hair. Waking up to find yourself next to your cat can be a very clear sign that the cat loves and just wants to be with you whether invited or not.

Always gifting.


This is a fast way of to know that a cat loves you. Cats will always drag mice carcasses, frogs, small birds and toys to the house whenever they are in a position to. Though disgusting at times, this is their way of occasionally treating you and it indicates that they value you as part of them hence they can share their achievements with you. When this happens, it’s important not to scold the cat as it may show ungratefulness and violence causing the cat to become fearful.

Laying with their belly up.


Cats have a very sensitive stomach. When a cat shows you their belly, it shows that they are comfortable with you and that they trust you enough to play around at their most vulnerable while unguarded. Rubbing a cat’s sensitive stomach can turn violent anytime so it is good to be very cautious and get used to the scares that come along with it.

Slow Blink.


The half-closed eyes that are accompanied by slow blinks is the simplest language in which your cat will tell that they love you. Cats will often lie next to you with this lovely look. One should reciprocate this expression of affection in the best of ways. When the cat is relaxed like during this moment, it’s the best moment to warmly cuddle them while you closely hold your cat nail clipper and use the opportunity to cut short the white part of their paws. Since some may fear the sight of cat a nail clipper, always make the cat comfortably relax by gently massaging them and then give kitty the best manicure.

Rubbing against someone’s legs.


At times my cat just wants to rub their body against my legs. This playful habit is a sign that they want to engage me in a game or they just want to show me how much in love they are with me. This habit makes a cat leave their scent with you to show that you belong to them. Take time to bond with them at this time in order to have an unbreakable friendship with them.



This is when a cat rhythmically starts pushing in and out of a soft surface with the use of their paws. Be keen to pet your cat back when the kneading starts in order to reciprocate the affection. Sometimes this can be painful so place a thick soft cloth to act as a barrier between the body part (say a leg) and the cat.

As much as cats are generous to express their love to us, most people don’t seem to understand their love language. It is important to make this pet feel loved, appreciated and cared for. Grooming the cat is a very key way of ensuring that it is healthy and disease free. Being gentle and peaceful, cats should not only be treasured but also given the avenue to spoil the family with love.

About the Author:

My name is Evelyn Valdez, creator of PlaywithMeow! I love all pets ( especially cats) because they always make me happy and healthy. I want to connect with other pet lovers in the world to share experience in healthy and caring pets.



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