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Adele’s “Hello” Remade Into a Song About Cat Rescue!

By now, everyone has heard Adele’s new smash hit, Hello – and you’ve probably even heard a few of the parodies. But, this parody by East Bay SPCA just came out, and it’s probably the cutest thing ever!

Last year, the East Bay SPCA created a video parody of Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk called OAKTOWN PUPS. This year, the East Bay SPCA has channeled another hit, Adele’s Hello, into a sweet cat adoption video dubbed, MEOW.  The video features kittens daydreaming about finding their forever homes.

The East Bay SPCA video promotes cat adoption while telling a silly, yet touching story of a little girl, woman and older gentleman’s visit to the East Bay SPCA in hopes of adopting a kitten. The kittens promise their potential adopters that they will do whatever it takes to be the best pets ever!

Every cute kitten that appears in the video was adopted from the East Bay SPCA.

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