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Basic Supplies Every New Kitten Owner Needs

Adopting a kitten can be one of the greatest joys in your life, but while kittens are fairly easy to care for, they do require a few things for a healthy, happy life. Of course, you’ve got their toys covered, but we’ve created a list of the basics so you don’t forget a single thing when introducing your new cat to your home. 


Water is the most important part of an animal’s life – whether it’s a cat, a dog, or a human. Kittens don’t often appreciate its importance, so you want to make water very accessible and easy for your cat to access. Start out with a small, shallow bowl of water so your kitten doesn’t feel overwhelmed and can access it easily. As your kitten grows into a cat, consider a water fountain to encourage him or her to keep drinking.


Choosing what to feed your cat may feel overwhelming with so many options. You may want to choose a few different types to see what your kitten likes, but whatever you choose, remember that kittens have different dietary needs than when they are adults. Choose a dry food and wet food that is specifically designed for your kitten.

Litter Box

A high-quality litter box will save you years of aggravation. Cat litter boxes come in every form imaginable – there are high-backed boxes, corner boxes, automatic boxes, and cardboard boxes, to name a few. To start out, choose a low-profile litter box that is easy for your kitten to get into without feeling threatened.

Remember, if you have another cat at home, you should buy two new litter boxes. Cats are very territorial and may not want to use a box that another cat has used. The rule of cats is that you need one litter box per cat, plus one more extra. So, if you have three cats, you’ll need four boxes. If you have five cats, you’ll need six boxes, and so on. This will help stop any behavioral problems down the road as your cats grow older.


Your kitten needs a collar and ID tags, but your kitten also needs to be microchipped. Proper identification is so important! Kittens are fast, flexible and sneaky. They can escape through windows, doors, even the slightest hole in a wall, so be sure you buy your kitten a strong, adjustable collar that features a breakaway attachment. You can find breakaway collars here. Remember your identification tags!


Every cat owner needs a cat carrier. First, you’ll need a carrier to get your kitten transported home safely. You’ll also need a carrier for trips to the veterinarian or boarding facility, as well as any emergency that comes up. If you need to suddenly evacuate your home due to a fire or flood, you should plan on taking your animals.

Kittens are a big responsibility, but with the right planning, you can make sure your kitten grows into a happy, well-adjusted cat!

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