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  1. Amanda

    Aug 14, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Hi Jennifer!

    I have 2 cats that are both from the same litter. One (Pongo) I got when he was 3 months old from a family friend and my second one (Louie) I got him about a year later because the owners couldn’t have him anymore and I didn’t want him to be thrown out or put in a shelter. When I brought Louie home, I did my research on introducing cats and everything went perfectly. They are now best buds.

    Probably since the beginning of the year, Pongo has been getting more and more aggressive with any guests that come over to visit. When we brought Louie home it toned down a little, but he still is very aggressive. He just doesn’t like strangers. But instead of hiding or avoiding the guests, he goes out of his way to sniff and then hiss and attack them. Several guests have been attacked by him including my sister and boyfriends siblings. I lock him up because I just want to avoid the whole ordeal, but I feel bad locking him up and sometimes I don’t have a spare room to lock him up in. Also Louie loves guests and getting attention but we lock him up so Pongo doesn’t feel singled out, and Louie will just meow at the door nonstop.

    I was wondering if there’s anything I can do to get him to calm down around guests? I understand that this will be a long process, but I don’t want visitors to be fearful of him (which most already are) and I don’t want to lock him up anymore. I’ve looked into feliway already and it’s definitely something I am considering but I’m always looking for other ideas that can possibly work.

    Thank you!!

  2. Catie

    Oct 1, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    Hi Jennifer!

    My mom’s and my Somali cat, Lola hunts bugs in the master bathroom. She broke the handle on the faucet on the tub while hunting bugs, and my mom is blaming me. How do you get my cat to stop hunting bugs?

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