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BREAKING: Will Cat-Killing Vet Kristen Lindsey Get to Keep Her License?


Today is finally the day that cat-killing veterinarian Kristen Lindsey learns what kind of punishment she will receive for shooting a cat with a bow and arrow and then proudly posting his photo and bragging about her kill on Facebook in April of 2015. While Lindsey claimed the cat was feral, it was later determined by the court that it was a neighbors missing cat, Tiger.

This has been a lengthy case of animal cruelty. Immediately after Lindsey’s Facebook post went viral, the vet was fired from her job but an Austin County Grand Jury did not charge her with animal cruelty. After massive public outcry, various court appearances – including an arrest for Driving While Intoxicated, and in August a hearing over whether or not she would keep her license. Board members heard testimony from several people involved and recommended a one-year suspension of Lindsey’s license and an additional four years on probation. They also recommended continuing education and 100 hours of community service. (Click here to read about that hearing in it’s entirety.)

Today, the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners met in Austin to decide whether to accept or amend those recommendations. The board has decided to suspend Lindsey’s veterinary license for one year and uphold the recommendations in the SOAH judges’ Proposal from August that she have an additional 4 years probation. The Board also moved for continuing education and/or successful completion of an examination in veterinary jurisprudence, and six hours of continuing education in animal welfare. Board members declined the SOAH suggestion that Lindsey perform community service in a veterinary capacity.

So what’s next? Lindsey has 30 days to appeal the Board’s decision and, we fully expect that she will.



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