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Cat Becomes Foster Mom to 8 Orphaned Baby Hedgehogs (and it’s So Cute You’ll Squeal!)

Eight tiny baby hedgehogs lost their mother in a lawnmower accident, newly born and in desperate need of milk. Caregivers at Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, Russia, took them in and tried to bottle feed them, but they refused to eat and began to starve. The zoo had no choice but to find the tiny hoglets a suitable foster, and fast.

Meet Musya the cat.

Musya just finished nursing kittens and still had milk, so they put the hedgehog babies with her, hoping she would accept them – and she did!

According to The Daily Mail,

For the most part, the standby mother and the hedgehogs get on well. But Musya has been reported to let out a hiss when the babies become a little too prickly.

Check out this video of Musya nursing her hoglets. What an amazing foster mom!


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