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Cat-Killer Kristen Lindsey Has (Yet Another) Court Appearance

The former veterinarian who killed a cat with an arrow and famously bragged about it on Facebook made a court appearance Wednesday for DWI charges. You may recall that back in March of this year, Lindsey narrowly missed crashing into an off-duty police officer before hitting a curb with her car and was arrested and charged for Driving While Intoxicated.

In court, Lindsey’s defense attorney filed a motion seeking further discovery evidence. The defense wants to see the arresting officer’s dashcam recording. The state agreed to this motion. Her next court appearance for the DWI case is Sept. 8. Next week is the scheduled hearing date for Lindsey’s suit against the Texas vet board in Travis County District Court. According to the Tiger’s Justice Team News Page, Lindsey is attempting to sue the board, arguing that it lacks the authority and jurisdiction to take disciplinary action against her veterinary license. While that takes place next week, Lindsey’s attorney has been very good at one thing – dragging out this process with endless legal maneuvering and stalling tactics. We may not have any answers until January of next year.



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