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Heroic ‘Cat Man of Aleppo’ Takes Care of Dogs & Zoo Animals, Too

13907111_1170345876360993_5145708359384039996_nYou’re probably familiar with the story of the heroic “Cat Man of Aleppo,” Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, who has been caring for the stray and lost cats in war-torn Syria. Back in November, we reported that his sanctuary in Aleppo had been ravaged by bombs, killing some of the cats and a dog.

Sadly, the sanctuary was destroyed:

Bombs also destroyed Alaa’s home, and that’s when his family made the decision to flee the country to Turkey. He stayed behind and immediately made plans to open a new sanctuary for the animals.

By February, Alaa had found a place to open a new cat sanctuary. Now, in addition to all the cats he’s collected, Alaa even has a bunch of dogs and puppies to care for, too.

Facebook / Nobel Peace Prize to Alaa

Facebook / Nobel Peace Prize to Alaa

Most recently, the director of Aleppo’s Aalim al-Sahar Zoo asked Alaa if he could do anything for two tigers, two bears, and a handful of monkeys that remain behind bars there. Sadly, those animals are slowly starving in their cages without any way for a rescue group to come in to get them out. Of course, Alaa agreed to help, and he’s been feeding them and trying to find a way to get the animals to Turkey.


If you want to follow Alaa’s efforts — and perhaps find ways to assist him — ask to join the private Facebook group “Il Gattaro d’Aleppo.”

There is now a movement to get Alaa nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize! 

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