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Cat Rescues a Lost Hiker in the Swiss Alps

Credit: Reddit sc4s2cg

Credit: Reddit sc4s2cg

Whoever said cats only care about themselves? That certainly wasn’t the case when Reddit user, known only as sc4s2cg, was hiking in the Swiss Alps, sprained his ankle, and became hopelessly lost on his way back down the mountain. He was taking a break when the black and white cat approached him and led him on a path back down.

The man posted photos and video of the “rescue cat” to Reddit last week, where he explained how he had become disoriented while exploring mountains around the Swiss alpine town of Gimmelwald. He explained on Reddit:

I was checking my map to see how I can get back to the hostel, and the only official way down was through a trail that was closed. And that’s how I met that handsome cat. She (?) noticed me I was eating a snack and resting my sprained ankle, and as soon as I got up she started guiding me along some path. At the end of the video is where we separated: she to that farm-like place on the right, me through those trees in front.

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