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Cat Strolls into Grocery Store, Steals Treats, and Takes a Nap

A chubby cat needed a snack, so he did exactly what you or I would’ve done and took matters into his own hands, er… paws, and went to the grocery store.

Melanie Morris-Jones /

The resourceful feline was spotted by shoppers in a Tesco Express store in Rugby, Warwickshire, UK, on Wednesday where it was wandering around the aisles, looking for a snack. The cute kitty finally settled on the pet food aisle. Because, why wouldn’t he?

After browsing the treats, he knocked over a box of Go-Cat kibble before curling up to take a nap next to them.

Shopper Melanie Morris-Jones happened upon the resting little guy and snapped a photo for Facebook. She also alerted a store employee who, it turned out, wasn’t at all concerned:

“I came across the cat just lying there next to the box of cat food it had knocked off. It had clearly tried to go for the food but I don’t know it must have just given up. I asked the cashier if she knew there was a cat over in the pet aisle. She said yes she knew it was there and that it was a regular. I’m not sure who owned it – but it was completely chilled out. The cat looked like it didn’t even care.”

That’s not the sort of thing you see every day …unless you work at that particular Tesco store, apparently!

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