Cattoos: 14 Seriously Impressive Cat Tattoos

If you’re looking for a way to immortalize your love of cats, honor a special kitty you’ve lost, or just adorn your skin with your favorite animal – look no further than a cat tattoo! Cattoos are increasingly popular these days. Check out this collection of 14 seriously impressive cat tattoos.

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If Picasso painted cats:

The cutest #cattoo made by @vin_il!! Support & follow this talented lady!! #LadyTattooers LadyTattooers.com

A photo posted by LadyTattooers.com (@ladytattooers) on




So happy with my Murphy. #Murphy #cattoo

A photo posted by Elizabeth Fahlman (@elifahlman) on


Space Kitty!!


Look! It’s a Vam-purr!


Comic book Sphynx Cat:


Lovely portraits:

Thnx Stefanie! Better pic will follow when healed! #skinbonesandink

A photo posted by @skinbonesandink on


#cattoo #girlswithtattoos #fresh

A photo posted by @aremethy_is_my_name on

Love 🐱💖 #tattoo #cattoo #cats

A photo posted by メーリ (@i4mmanbearpi9) on


We can’t get enough of these cats as desserts. How SWEET! 😉

Another pastry kitty to add to the ranks!

A photo posted by Gail the Snail 🐌 (@gail_tattoo) on


High Four!


A boy and his cattoo:


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