Dog Breeds That Get Along Best (and Worst) With Cats!

In most cases, pet lovers either love dogs or cats. However, there are families who adore both species of animals and want to keep them together. This is not impossible – and you can still keep the peace in your household – but it’s a good idea to see if your feline friend and your canine companion are a good match. 

The following information will help you decipher if, generally, a particular dog breed will get on with your cat.

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Dog breeds that get along best with cats

Labrador Retrievers

Although a Labrador Retriever is several times the size of the average housecat, they don’t feel any animosity to them. Labradors have an outgoing personality that helps them make friends with every animal species they meet, including cats. Obedient and eager to please, an intelligent lab is the right puppy to get if you have kittens


If we are to judge by the relationship Spike the Bulldog and Tom the Cat have in the once-popular cartoon, bulldogs aren’t cats’ best friend. However, the reality could not be more different. Bulldogs have a mild temperament, which means they aren’t innately set against cats or any other animals. In fact, bulldogs quite enjoy the company of cats!

A Collie

Although herding dogs aren’t famous for their love of cats, Collies actually adore children and other animals. Collies love to run around and they perceive chasing cats as a game and not a real hunt; although the cat might not think so… So, though they enjoy the company of our feline friends, if you have a timid cat or one who has been through trauma and is a little anxious, they may not appreciate the chasing! 


What a pug lacks in size, it makes up in cuteness. These adorable puppies like attention, both giving it and receiving it. When there are no humans around, they enjoy the company of cats as well. Due to their size and strength, they are ideal playmates for house cats.

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Beagles were originally bred to hunt in packs, which means they don’t mind the company of other animals. In this sense, they consider cats as just another member of the pack, rather than their prey. 

Basset Hounds

This short-legged breed of dog definitely doesn’t look like it would enjoy chasing cats. Basset Hounds are low-key, patient, and loyal – but they aren’t too keen on exercise! Even chasing a toy, let alone a cat, doesn’t appeal too much to them. 


This breed – whose ears resemble a butterfly’s wings – is the same size as a cat. They are on the same level with feline pets in every sense possible, as they regard cats as friends, rather than prey. Papillons are always present when it’s playtime, even when having fun involves cats.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

They might be small in stature and appear gentle but Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are fearless dogs. A clowder of cats will definitely not scare them, but they will not act hostile against cats either. They enjoy the company of other animals, cats included. 

Dog breeds that don’t get along with cats

Border Collies

Remember how we said that herding dogs don’t like cats very much? This is exactly the case with a Border Collie that simply doesn’t trust the cat as an animal species in general. Aiming for a happy household with a Border Collie and a cat will be quite hard, unless both your pets have a very calm temperament, or you have a Border Collie mix like a Border Collie Lab

Afghan Hounds

When it comes to dogs that aren’t particularly fond of cats, Afghan Hounds are the forerunners. These slim dogs were naturally bred for hunting their wild relative wolves, as well as snow leopards. They are strong, fast, and built for the kill – so there is a very slim chance they will get along well with cats.

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Manchester Terriers

The next dog on our list is an excellent protector against rats and mice. A Manchester Terrier is a fairly clean and sensitive dog, which is why many families have it as a pet. However, their activeness and alertness is not best matched with a feline, who they can easily mistake for a rodent. 

Standard Schnauzers

Another guard dog on our list that dislikes cats is the Standard Schnauzer. It was originally bred in Germany to protect livestock and people against vermin. Schnauzers are adorable and kind with children but their strong prey instinct makes it hard for them to live alongside other small animals like cats.

Australian Cattle Dogs

Extremely intelligent, an Australian cattle dog is the work dog of Australian farms. If you raise them with a cat, they might tolerate it at best, but in most cases, they will try to drive the feline away. 

Now that you know which dog breeds get along best with cats and which cannot tolerate the presence of a furry feline, you are ready to get the ideal pet for your household.

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