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Have You Ever Seen These 7 Rare and Unique Cat Breeds?

Of all the animals in the world, cats are some of the most popular pets. And while there are many different kinds of cats, some breeds are more rare and unique than others. Here are seven of the most unusual and interesting cat breeds that you may not have seen before.

What are the rarest cat breeds?

Well, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), all pedigreed cats are technically rare. That’s because only between 2-4% of pet cats have pedigrees, and the rest are of unknown origin! That being said, most cat lovers can easily identify a Siamese or a Persian cat. But are you familiar with some of the less common cat breeds?

Here are 7 rare and unique cat breeds. How many of them have you seen in real life? Do you have one as a pet?

1. American Wirehair

Known for their wiry fur, the Wirehair has an even, balanced temperament which is essentially identical to that of its American Shorthair relative. Wirehairs are equally content to play or fall asleep in their owners’ laps. They have been described as cute and somewhat humorous. They are gentle and quiet, but also playful and active. They have quiet voices. American Wirehairs generally prefer to stay indoors.

2. Kurilian Bobtail

The Kurilian Bobtail is mostly known for its distinctive “pom-pom” kinked, short tail. In the wild, this cat is an excellent fisher and hunter, which may explain why the Kurilian loves to play in water. The Kurilian’s wild look is not reflected in the temperament of the breed. It is known for its clever and gentle nature.

3. Peterbald

Peterbalds are sweet-tempered, affectionate, peaceful, curious, smart, and energetic. They are medium vocal and tend to follow their owners and always be with them. Peterbalds typically live in harmony with other cats and pets, and also with children. They have a hair-losing gene and can be born bald, flocked, velour, brush, or with a straight coat.

4. Singapura

The adorable Singapura is one of the world’s smallest cats. They are described by the CFA as active, curious, and playful. They are affectionate and desire human interaction.

5. Korat

The Korat’s unusual color is actually a silver-tipped blue that appears to shimmer. Korats are one of the oldest cat breeds, originating from Thailand.  They are intelligent and playful, active cats that form strong bonds with people. Among the Korats’ distinguishing characteristics are its heart-shaped head and large green eyes.

6. LaPerm

LaPerms are affectionate, active and outgoing. They are reputed to be hypoallergenic cats, provoking a significantly lower level of allergic response in humans than typical cats. Their most significant feature is obviously their coat, which is made up of soft waves, curls and ringlets, resembling a shaggy perm.

7. Lykoi

The Lykoi, also called the Werewolf cat, is immediately recognized by its unique pattern of hairlessness on the face. They also have roan fur — distinct and separate black and white hairs — that is seen in many animals, but unique to only this breed of cat. They are known to be friendly, playful, naughty at times, and very affectionate.

Have you seen any of these unique cat breeds? Or, are you lucky enough to share your home with one? Tell us about your cat by posting a comment below!

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