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Hallmark Channel’s Answer to the Olympics: The Kitten Summer Games

Yes, you read that right! This year, The Hallmark Channel is hosting the first ever “Kitten Summer Games,”when more than one hundred of the most adorable kittens from across the country will compete for feline glory! It turns out the Rio Olympics aren’t the only major athletic event to look forward to this summer!

Entertainment Weekly reports, Hallmark Channel will be debuting the Kitten Summer Games at the same time as the Olympics’ opening ceremony.

Since 2014, Hallmark Channel has aired their annual Kitten Bowl head-to-head with the Super Bowl. This summer’s program will feature more than 100 “cat-letes” competing in events such as wrestling, tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, track and field, and “boxing” (as in, kittens climbing into boxes).

Competing this year, will be cat-letes from all 50 states, including Felina Williams for tennis, Kristy Yama Cat Chi and Mary Lou Kitten for gymnastics, and Jesse Meowens for track & field.
Photo courtesy of The Hallmark Channel

Photo courtesy of The Hallmark Channel

The Kitten Summer Games – designed to promote feline adoption – premieres on The Hallmark Channel at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, August 5, and will be hosted by Beth Stern. For a preview of the adorable action, check out the clip above.
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