Did a Kitten Walk on the Moon? (and Other Iconic Moments With Cats)

Did a kitten walk on the moon? Have scientists confirmed how the moon’s craters were formed? What’s the real reason everyone was smiling so brightly in Ellen’s famous Twitter selfie?

They say, “a photo can speak a thousand words.” We wondered if these photographs might speak one more word: “meow.” Here’s a fun look at some of the most iconic photos in history – now with kittens!

Do you think this kitten gave the men some pointers on keeping their balance 840 feet in the air?


Now we know why everyone was smiling in Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar Selfie…. a kitten!!!!


Bet you didn’t know Marilyn had a feline co-star in The Seven Year Itch…

“I thought I was coming here for cheese, but it really just looks like one giant litter box up here.”


They’ve just cat-tured Bin Laden!


If the glove doesn’t fit, kitty suggests giving your paws a few licks and trying again.



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