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How Cats Help You Cope With Grief

Cats have an extraordinary ability to read humans and interpret their feelings. They can sense hormone imbalances and changes in demeanor, which can make them the ideal companion for finding solace amid trying times.

how cats help you cope with grief

Here’s how cats can help you cope with some of the grief you might feel.

Reinforcement of Your Mental Health

Cats, much like other household pets, are personable animals. Their instinct is to form bonds with their owners and fellow cats (and even dogs) that they’re around regularly.

Contrary to what many believe, cats don’t want to be left alone. No, they want attention from you and to feel your presence. That’s quite literally why they’ll rub up against humans that they’re comfortable with. And that’s an important detail to take note of.

When you pet your animal, the hormone oxytocin is released in your brain, which will naturally make you happier and reduce your stress. 


While grief can come from many different sources, and the severity of the grief can vary, it’s important that you can find ways to cope with it. With coping comes growing, and that’s important to put into practice.

One of the many advantages of having any pet by your side during a grief period is that they are a member of your family that cares for you and is there for you.

However, most pets are still dependent on you and rely on your routines to live! The beauty of having a cat during sadness is that they are a reminder that you still have a life worth living with others that rely on you. It can help you maintain a sense of normalcy in an otherwise chaotic and confusing stage of your life.

By helping, feeding, and tending to your cat as you normally would each day, they’re actually helping you by giving you purpose. It’s a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties equally.

taking care of a cat can be excellent for people coping with grief

Traveling With Your Cat Can Help You Cope

In cases where your grief causes you to have to go somewhere, such as the death of a friend or family member who lived out of state, you may have to travel some distance to attend a funeral. Extended durations of travel alone can breed depressing thoughts and intensify sadness and the feeling of loss. That’s why it’s advisable to travel with your cat if they’re able to.

So long as they’re comfortable enough in a car, making the trek to wherever you’re going with your cat will give you a road companion to keep your spirits up.

However, before you take off on the open road with your feline passenger, you ought to pay a trip to the vet first and make sure they’re in healthy condition to travel.

It’s also wise to bring a carrier cage for the cat in case the location of the funeral isn’t keen on loose animals out and about.

Also, be sure to bring enough stimuli, like toys, that can distract the cat from getting too bored. The last thing you want is to get distracted from driving to keep your cat from ripping up the upholstery of the car seats!

Like a Lion Protecting Their Cub

Cats do love their masters just as their masters love them. Although they might seem less capable than a human, they desire to look out for you and share life with you. Never underestimate the power that pets have in your life! It might make the difference you need in the next period of hurt that you go through.

Remember to stay kind and patient with your cat, and they’ll be there for you when it counts most. 

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