How To Keep Your Cat Happy By Creating Escape Routes

Escape routes are areas that allow a cat to safely move out of harm’s way. If you have more than one animal in the house, you should consider creating escape routes in strategic places throughout your house. Here are some easy ways you can do that.

Cat Shelves

Cat shelves provide an area where your cat can easily escape and “hole up” for a while if he feels like he’s in danger or if he just wants to get away from people and other pets. These shelves are stylish, simple to install and very affordable. A few of our favorites are the Lotus Branch Cat Shelf and window-mounted cat shelves that give your kitty a way to relax in a beam of sunlight.

Cat Bridges

Surely you’ve seen many examples of people building extravagant routes for their cats. This is also known as “catifying” your home. But, even if you’re not already handy with construction, there are plenty of options for you.  Pre-made steps and bridges are simple to install and allow your cat to walk the length of a room from a height that prevents other animals (like your dog) from reaching them.

Cat Forts

Cats need a lot of playtime in order to be well-adjusted. But, they also need a safe place to let their guards down. For example, if your dog chases your cat when she starts to have fun, it’s time to institute a safe area. Cat play forts mount on the wall to give your cat a safe area to play and nap. You may also want to install a cat flap that allows your cat safe access to a room that other pets can’t enter.

Ground Control

Not all cats love to climb and some aren’t comfortable resting in high places. But, there are plenty of ways to provide ground-level safe-areas away from bullying cats and nosy dogs. Tunnels stay on the ground and can be modified as you choose. They allow your cat to disappear down one tunnel without being ambushed on the other side. They also provide cozy spots for multiple cats who prefer to be on their own.

Eat and Poop In Peace

Oftentimes, we see that dogs have “raided” a cat’s litter box or food bowl. Occasionally, other cats in the home refuse to let other cats eat. There are ways to resolve this behavior but, in the meantime, you need to provide an area for cats to use the litter box safely and eat in peace. Cats are finicky enough without adding bullying by other animals!

Try using a Sureflap Microchip feeder to keep other paws and noses out of your kitty’s food dish and consider a litter box enclosure that will keep your cat’s litter box as secure as a palace.

If you have a multi-cat – or even multi-species – household, then it’s important to provide a network of escape routes for cats who may be getting bullied by others to avoid conflict and keep everyone happy.

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