Is Your Cat Left- or Right-Pawed? Here’s How to Find Out!

This cute video by famous Japanese kitties Maru and Hana shows how to find out if your feline friend is right-handed right-pawed or left-pawed! All you need is a glass and a piece of dry cat food:

So, learning if your cat is a righty or lefty doesn’t really change anything…but it does solve our curiosity!

Interestingly, according to a study back in 1991 at the Ataturk University in Turkey, half of cats were righties, 40% were lefties, and the remaining 10% were ambidextrous (using left and right paws equally). In dogs, a different study in 2006 concluded that half are left-pawed and half are right-pawed.

So is your cat a righty or a lefty?

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