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It’s The Best Gift She Could Ask For! Cat Missing for Months Returns on Owner’s Birthday

Photo: Fox28 Spokane

Photo: Fox 28 Spokane

Those of us who have had a pet go missing understand the devastating loss, the sadness, the constant worry and wonder whether our beloved pet is okay… the same goes for Gracie Kingsley, who’s kitty, Catniss went missing shortly before Mother’s Day. She loves to play outside, but always came home in time for dinner. That night, she didn’t.

Gracie told Fox 28:

That was heartbreaking. You’re so used to having your cat around and all of a sudden she’s gone. And you don’t know what to think.

Gracie hoped for the best, but feared the worst. She and Catniss had been inseparable since she rescued her feline friend 3 years ago. So, she plastered posters all over town, hoping for any information. After 5 months passed, Gracie had all but given up. She said she was debating taking down her “lost cat” posters because it had been so long.

Then, Gracie got the best birthday gift a girl could ask for.

A woman found Catniss and had her checked for a microchip – fortunately for Gracie, she had one. Catniss had traveled about 10 miles, from Coeur d’Alene to Post Falls, Idaho. Gracie hopes people will make sure their pets are microchipped so if their pets ever go missing, they can be found just like Catniss.

Happy birthday, Gracie! Hope your birthday is just purrfect, now that you’ve got Catniss back at your side.

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