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JavaneseDon’t be fooled by the Javanese cat’s elegant, refined, and almost fragile appearance – for in reality, they are tough and powerful, capable of astonishing acrobatic feats. Curiously named after the island of Java (which actually was not the breed’s origin), the Javanese cat has been observed to share the same physical attributes and personality as the Balinese breed. Although it’s a bit confusing what truly constitutes the former (knowing that they are treated diversely in different countries), it is generally accepted that the Javanese breed is, in essence, a long-haired version of the Colorpoint Shorthair feline, which they also bear strong resemblance with. Originally developed by breeders who wanted a cat with a Siamese cat’s personality but which sports various stunning colors, the result of much outcrossing was the medium-sized, muscular Javanese cat with hair that often comes in cream, red, lynx and tortie colors. This graceful, striking breed can be easily distinguished from other breeds because of its vivid blue eyes and long silky hair with soft long lines.

Once you let this lively cat inside your house, you surely will not have a lasting moment of peace and quiet! Just like their Balinese relatives, Javanese cats are playful and seem to be always eager to chat; no wonder, they are well-recognized for their exceptional communication skills. The breed is very loyal to the extent that they tend to follow their human friends nonstop; making them quite ideal for owners who want a highly responsive, interactive pet. In addition, the Javanese cats are curious, highly intelligent and can be trained to perform tricks without difficulty. Also, similar to their Siamese cousins, the Javanese cat is born glutton. They have extreme fascination with food. For them, nothing could be better than a good meal. While some will easily burn off extra calories in many playful antics, care have to be taken that the less active ones do not grow to be plump butterballs.

Javanese cats have a coat that’s easy to groom. Just brush their fur on a weekly basis to keep it healthy and beautiful. The only other grooming needs they require are regular ear cleaning, nail trimming and dental care.

Health Concerns
Although regarded as one of the healthiest breeds, the Javanese cat has been found to be prone to the genetic defects endocardial fibroelastosis and cranial sternum protrusion, which are often seen in Siamese-related breeds.

Best Environment
Like any cat breed, the Javanese can thrive in any living environment with owners who will love them and take care of them well. Just keep them indoors to prevent common outside perils like car accidents, communicable feline diseases and attacks from other animals to come about.



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