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Latest Craze: Cat Cafés!

Cat Cafe

Some of the cats who reside in Le Café des Chats, a Paris cat café! Photo courtesy of Facebook

Customers who can get into this Paris cafe enjoy their coffee and croissants in the company of cats!

Le Café des Chats may look like a typical Parisian cafe, but it also serves as the home to a dozen rescued felines who live there. The cafe was built to provide “purr therapy” to the residents of Paris who cannot keep pets in their cramped apartments. Cafe manager Margaux Gandelon says there are very real health benefits, including relieving arthritis and lowering blood pressure.

The cats are all rescued from local shelters. Chosen for their mellow personalities and were properly vetted before they were brought to the restaurant. Gandelon says the welfare of the cats is paramount. She will send away anyone who causes harm or stress to the cats.

Just after it’s opening, the kitty cafe, which seats 35 to 40 patrons, has been booked through November and had to turn away hundreds of customers who didn’t make a reservation.

Cat cafes are wildly popular in Japan – where there are about 150 of them. Plans are underway to open a similar kitty cafe in London. Would you dine in a cat cafe? I would!

See this video of a popular cat cafe in Tokyo:

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