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Man Wakes Up From Nap to Find Stray Cat Snuggled With Him on the Couch

As cat owners, it’s not unusual to wake up from a nap to find one of your feline friends has joined you for a snuggle. But, can you imagine waking up to find the neighborhood stray curled by your side on the sofa? That’s exactly what happened to one lucky cat lover!

Ken Bragg, 54, and his wife share their San Francisco Bay area home with three cats of their own, so it’s no surprise he didn’t wake up from a nap on the couch when the cat first joined him.

Bragg posted the story and photo to Reddit under the popular r/aww thread, where it quickly earned thousands of upvotes. He captioned the image, “I fell asleep on the couch and woke up with this cat on my lap. I have three cats, but this isn’t one of them.”

“I had fallen asleep with the TV on, and when I woke up the cat was on my lap,” Bragg told Newsweek. “My wife and I had seen her around the neighborhood, we are pretty sure she’s a stray. She appears to be pregnant too.”

Ken guesses the stray kitty watched one of his own cats using the cat door and followed. (TIP: If you don’t want unexpected visitors through the cat flap, we recommend the Sureflap Cat Door that only opens for cats with a registered microchip!)

Apparently, she made herself right at home, climbing onto his lap for a snooze and a snuggle.

“She was surprisingly calm when I woke up. I looked at her and said, ‘Oh, hello,’ and she answered back, ‘Mow.’ But she continued to just hang out on my lap,” he told Newsweek.

As for kitty’s future, the Braggs are hoping to make her a permanent member of the family, once she and the current resident cats are all getting along.

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