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Meet Chef Alton Brown’s Adorable New Rescue Kitten (You’ll Love His Name!)

Alton Brown via Facebook

Alton Brown via Facebook

You probably know American television personality, food scientist, and chef, Alton Brown, from the Food Network series Good Eats or Cutthroat Kitchen, but did you also know he’s a cat lover?

In May, a litter of kittens was found under the porch at Brown’s office. He posted about it on Facebook:


As the saying goes, we don’t pick them…they pick us. A couple of weeks after the kittens were found, Brown made another post. “Remember those kittens we found at the office? Apparently I’ve been claimed,” he wrote:


The adorable black and white kitten quickly earned himself a spot alongside his new chef-dad, in the kitchen, so it’s no surprise he was given a food-friendly name! “So, due to his love of the wok, I’ve decided to name him “Stir-fry.” he writes:


What a little cutie pie! And it looks like Stir-fry is keeping his new human dad entertained! Check out the kitten attacking a toy, with the caption Brown said, “Sensing their sinister nature, #stirfry has decided to wage Kitty war on cephalopods.”

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