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Missing Cat Returns After 6 Years; Just in Time to Comfort Nurse Recovering from COVID-19

A nurse in Canadaigia, New York rescued a tiny kitten with a broken tail ten years ago. Now she’s recovering from COVID-19 and it’s his turn to comfort her.

Charlie is the orange tabby Ashley Orians found on her college campus in 2010. He was a tiny kitten with a broken tail. He disappeared in February of 2015 while they were living in Charleston, South Carolina so she put up fliers and searched all over for him — never stopping her search, even after she moved to upstate New York.

Six years later, Orians spotted an orange tabby on a missing pets Facebook page, and he just happened to have that unique broken tail. It was, in fact, her boy Charlie! He’d been living outside of a dentist’s office in South Carolina for all those years while the staff kept him fed.

But, how would Orians get Charlie from South Carolina to New York while she was under quarantine for COVID-19? That’s when Michael Morgan and his pet transport business stepped in. Morgan told ABC News Channel 10, “It was certainly an honor for my company to be involved in this reunion. It blew me away they were actually able to find the cat and get it returned to her.”

Charlie’s return was positive ending to an especially difficult year for Ashley, whose two other cats passed away in 2020.

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