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Naked Cat Sat on an Egg for Two Months Until it Hatched!

It sounds like a story straight out of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, but a 14-year-old hairless Sphynx cat named Chunks incubated an egg for more than 50 days – and it actually hatched! Wait til you see what came out of the egg…

Chunks the cat, whose full name is Fluffy Flubbers O.B Chunkings, lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with 4 other Sphynx, a Persian, 6 dogs, 5 sugar gliders, and a horse. His human mom, Angela – clearly an animal lover – was out jet skiing one beautiful day and found a lone egg on the dock. She said it was cold and she could tell it had been there for a while, so she brought it to the house.

“I have a heated bed for the pets that nobody ever lays in, so I put the egg in the bed to go look for a heat lamp that I had stored away. When I got back with the lamp, Chunks had laid on top of the egg with his love rolls draped over it like a heated blanket.”

Chunks faithfully sat on the egg for more than 50 days. Sometimes Chunks would hold the egg in his arms, but usually, it was safely tucked under his belly.

Angela says she didn’t know what species of animal was inside the egg (by this time, given the official name “Egg”) but she would hold it to a candle and could see that whatever was inside continued to grow week after week.

Then, finally, they heard chirping coming from inside the egg! The next day, August 13th, Egg hatched – an adorable duckling emerged from the shell!

Meanwhile, Chunks was wondering where his “baby” had gone.

The internet was on edge, wondering if Chunks would accept his newly hatched baby. Some suggested giving him a new egg to lay with so he didn’t get upset.

The day finally came, when Chunks would meet Egg. They had an instant connection!

And now, Chunks has fully settled into his role as Duck Dad. Egg is back under the blankets with Chunks. The two are inseparable. Egg is healthy and doing well. He is eating and drinking and adjusting to his new life outside the shell – with his protective cat dad by his side!

Want to follow the adventures of Chunks and Egg? Then check out their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram!



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