Newport Police ‘Issue Warning’ to Cat that Looks Like it’s Holding an Assault Rifle


Newport, Oregon, police decided to have a little bit of fun after a photo surfaced of a cat in a tree that looked suspiciously like he was holding on to an assault rifle! They made the following post to their Facebook page:


Fans of the page decided to join in the fun, asking, “So the kitty wasn’t cited for the 18 miniature switchblades on the ends of his toes?” and asking if the cat was possibly under the influence of catnip.

Gotta love it when our police departments can have a bit of fun! We’re not actually sure where this funny photo is from. Newport PD admitted they found the photo online – dating back to last summer and originating from the UK.

This isn’t the only time we’ve reported on police departments using cats to have a laugh. Remember this hilarious April Fool’s Day prank?

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