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RECALL: Whisker City Hooded Cat Litter Pan

whisker city hooded cat panPet retail giant, PetSmart announced this week on their website they’re recalling their store brand, Whisker City XL size hooded cat litter pans due to a potentially faulty door. If you’re using one of these litter boxes and would like a refund, visit this link and print a copy of the recall notice. Bring the litter box and printed recall notice to your local PetSmart for a refund. For those who wish to continue using their litter boxes, PetSmart advises to simply remove the clear dear and the box will be fully functional and safe.

From PetSmart’s newsroom:

PetSmart has temporarily removed all Whisker City XL Premium Hooded Cat Litter Pans from stores out of an abundance of caution for our customers due to a potential quality issue with the door of the hooded pan.

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Whisker City XL Premium Hooded Cat Litter Pan






To receive a full refund for Whisker City XL Premium Hooded Cat Litter Pan, bring the pan and your receipt or a copy of this email to your local PetSmart store.  If you do not wish to return the pan for a refund and would like to continue using the product, you can remove the defective clear door and the pan will be fully functional and safe. 

If you have questions about this recall, please call PetSmart’s Customer Care Team at 1-888-839-9638.

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