Remember Bart the ‘Zombie Cat’? He Finally Got Adopted!

A cat that made national headlines as “The Zombie Cat” nearly two years ago is finally getting his forever home. If you aren’t familiar with the story, the black and white cat named Bart was hit by a car back in 2015 and then his owner and a neighbor buried him, believing he was dead when, in fact, he was not. Bart clawed his way out of the ground days later, hungry and seriously injured – looking very much like a zombie – and was taken to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.


That’s when the story got even stickier. There was a lengthy custody battle over Bart, because of the situation surrounding Bart’s burial. The Humane Society argued that Bart shouldn’t be returned to his owner because clearly he wasn’t well cared for. The Humane Society eventually won custody of Bart, who’s been in foster care ever since. This week, however, Bart’s foster mom – one of the vet techs who nursed him back to health – is going to officially adopt Bart.


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