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Russian Body Artist Covered His Sphynx Cat in Gangster Tattoos

Photo: CEN

Photo: CEN

A Russian tattoo artist named Aleksandr is under fire from animal rights groups after covering his Sphynx cat in gangster tattoos.

Aleksandr is a tattooist in the central Russian city of Yekaterinburg. Not content with all the tattoos on his own body, he decided to adorn his furless feline, named Demon, with four tattoos on its sides and chest. The tattoos that Aleksandr chose for Demon are of the type typically worn by criminals in Russia, including representations of a prison tower, a pretty woman and a cigarette. They are often used to denote the seniority of the member of a criminal gang, how long they have served in prison and the seriousness of their crimes.

Obviously, animal rights activists and cat lovers and unimpressed. There’s no reason to put Demon through the pain of a tattoo for no reason other than his owner’s own vanity!

Photo: CEN

Photo: CEN

According to the Mirror, Aleksandr said:

“Of course I feel pity for doing it to him. It’s not like he wanted to do it himself. He has a different skin, so tattoos are applied differently.

“I hope it is not too bad for him, it is not his first tattoo. Usually he feels fine and recovers from the anaesthesia pretty fast.”



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