This New Feeding System Will Revolutionize the Way You Feed Your Cats!

Even though they’ve been domesticated, cats are natural predators. They are hunters by instinct! So, feeding them by filling up a bowl conflicts with their instincts, and may be the root of many behavioral issues, including vomiting, inappropriate elimination, and aggression! Veterinarian, Dr. Liz Bales – who writes our popular Ask the Vet column – came up with the NoBowl Feeding System, so cats don’t have to compromise their hunting needs.

Check out this video by Tech Insider to see how this revolutionary new system works:

Now you can Pre-Order your very own NoBowl Feeding System by clicking here



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Just when this dog-eat-dog world has handed you all the poop you can take, it's time to walk the dog. Or wash the dog. Or feed the dog. You get the idea. So welcome to the world of easy-to-care-for cats. Entertainment comes bundled in a furry, huggable, self-cleaning cat who won't beg for your food. In his eyes, you don't eat well enough anyway. Just keep a laser pen handy, sit back and wait for the fun to begin! Cats...ya gotta love 'em.

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