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This Vet Clinic Creates the Coolest Cardboard Houses for their Resident Kitty

Plain, square, brown boxes just won’t do for this former street cat! You’ve gotta check out the amazing cardboard houses the techs at this vet clinic create for their resident kitty. They’re as cool as the cat they create them for!

Tisoy is a ginger and white cat who lives in the Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group vet’s office in Singapore. Back in 2011, the lucky guy was found wandering the streets and they took him in as a permanent resident. At first, he slept on soft blankets and towels, but he had a habit of kicking them into his litter box. So, he was given a cardboard box to sleep in to solve the problem. He absolutely loved it. (He IS a cat, after all!)

via Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group

That’s when two of the vet techs, Dorothy Tsang and Gillian Koh, decided to kick things up a notch. They began to create innovative and elaborate cardboard houses for Tisoy to sleep in! Check them out:

Sushi Shop

Log Cabin






Chinese Temple


Vet Clinic




Gillian and Dorothy with the vet clinic

‘Making houses for Tisoy and our feline patients is satisfying and rewarding,’ Gillian told The Dodo. ‘A box to a cat is like a safe haven, a kitty cave where he or she can take refuge in.’


Want to make a cool cardboard house for your own cat? Click here to see how to make a super-cute two-story cardboard cat house!


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