“You Had One Job, Human.” Owner Accidentally Buys Miniature Cat Tree on Amazon & It’s Comedy Gold

“Note to self…check the dimensions of EVERYTHING before ordering on Amazon…” That’s what one cat owner said after she purchased (what she thought was) a cat tree on Amazon for the low, low price of just $20. What a deal, right?

What she failed to notice were the words “miniature” and “doll house” in the product’s description, so she was pretty shocked when a tiny 1:12 scale cat tree arrived:


“You had one job, human.” credit: cewallace9/Reddit


credit: Amazon

credit: Amazon


You’ve gotta love someone that can laugh at their own mistakes… the owner took to Reddit to share the hilarious photo and take a little bit of fun abuse from the community:

“Simply, just buy a smaller cat,” was the advice of one user.

“What is this? A cat tower for ants?”

“If you keep this shit up I swear I’m gonna start leaving mice in your bed. I mean Jesus Christ Gordon you had one job.”

“Why did you order a giant cat?”

“This is why you don’t put cat furniture in the dryer. It always shrinks.”

“I imagine the cat immediately knocked this off the bed.”


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