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25 More Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

Our first list of 25 Ways to Make Your Cat Happy was a hit with cat parents, so here are 25 MORE ways to make your cat purr with happiness!

  1. Read your cat a story. Perhaps he’d like one of these books about cats!
  2. Let your kids read to your cat, too. If they’re learning how to read, it’ll be great practice. And your cat doesn’t care if they make a mistake!
  3. Turn on your faucet to a slow drip and let kitty watch – and maybe even drink from it. Many cats prefer to drink from moving water. If your cat is one of them, get her a pet water fountain!
  4. Tummy rubs! …but only if your cat likes them.
  1. Paper bags. (They’re almost as much fun as cardboard boxes!)
  2. Before throwing away that water bottle, toss the cap to your kitty to bat around!
  3. When you and your cat lock eyes, close your eyes very slowly and then open them again. You’ll notice your feline friend will do it back to you. This is a sign of trust.
  4. Does your cat always follow you to the bathroom? Let him watch the water swirl down the drain when you flush!
  5. Give treats! Make things interesting by giving your kitty a novel protein she’s never tasted before. Maybe she’d like venison or rabbit?
  6. Play him some calming music, created especially for cats .
  7. How about a fun game of hide and seek? Make sure to give kitty a reward when she ‘finds’ you!
  8. Make a kitty obstacle course! Create a maze of empty cardboard boxes and paper bags for your furry friend to navigate.
  1. Add more vertical space by installing some cat shelves.
  2. Hang a bird feeder outside a window for your cat to watch.
  3. Get down to her level and give a gentle head butt! This is called bunting, and is a sign of affection when your cat does it to you!
  4. Make a fort with your couch cushions. Cats love forts as much as kids!
  5. Take a cat nap…with your cat.
  6. Three words: milk jug ring
  7. Take your feline friend on a magic carpet ride by dragging a blanket slowly around the house while kitty hangs on!
  8. Sing a song to your cat. Bonus points if you change the lyrics to include her name!
  9. Cats are happiest when you stick to a routine. If you can’t feed him at the same time every day, consider a programmable feeder.
  10. Do you keep a room or closet door closed all the time? Just this once, leave it open and let kitty explore the new room!
  1. Your cat would love to be extra warm and cozy. How about adding a heating pad to her bed?
  2. If your kitty loves catnip, see if she also enjoys Valerian or Silvervine.
  3. Make your own cat treats!

How do you make your cat happy? Tell us what else should we add to the list!

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