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Beyond the Box: Litter Box Accessories You Need

Most cat parents would agree that the litter box is the least glamorous aspect of owning a cat. But, you take the good with the bad, and that means you have litter boxes in your home. You’ve found the perfect litter box and the right type of litter to keep your cat happy. Now it’s time to focus on all the accessories that help make the cat litter box more convenient, more attractive, and more tolerable for you!

Litter Box Hiders & Furniture

Let’s face it, litter boxes are not exactly pretty. Fortunately, there are tons of options when looking for a way to hide that ugly box! Not only do litter box hiders conceal your cat’s box, but they also provide privacy when they’re “doing their duty.” You might like a litter box cover that doubles as a cozy cat tower, a wooden litter box hider with a modern twist, or even a faux planter that hides a litter box in its base!

Litter Scoops

It goes without saying – if you’ve got a litter box, you need a litter scoop. That said, not all litter scoops are created equally! This is one item you don’t want to skimp on. Our favorite litter scoops are the Litter Lifter that can trap the tiniest clumps or a heavy duty metal scoop that can really stand up to a lot of use.

Litter Mats

One of the biggest complaints cat parents have when it comes to cat litter is how much it tracks throughout the house. No one likes crawling into bed and feeling the litter pieces between the sheets! One of the easiest ways to cut down on litter tracking is to use a mat that your cat has to step on when they exit the box.

A litter mat will catch the litter and trap it before your cat walks it all over the house. Our favorite litter mat, by far, is this one by Gorilla Grip.

Waste Disposal

If you’re a responsible cat parent, you’ll scoop the litter box at least once a day – and sometimes more often than that. Lucky for you, there are convenient ways to dispose of the waste! You might want to scoop the waste into a large doggy poop bag and dispose of it outside each time you scoop.

Or, you may choose to use a cat litter waste disposal system like Litter Genie or Litter Champ that works like a popular diaper disposal system, continuously bagging the waste and sealing out odors until the bag is full.

Odor Eliminators

It’s no secret that litter boxes stink from time to time. However, there are tons of products that will help you combat litter box odors.

If you need a quick spritz to get rid of a fresh stink, try NOse Offense odor-neutralizing spray that eliminates all pet smells, rather than masking them. For odors and stains, we recommend Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator.

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Image of a cat coming out of the Litter-Robot automated litter box. Caption reads: Are you tired of scooping cat poop? Try Litter-Robot.
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