Why Does My Cat Always Follow Me to the Bathroom?

Have you ever wondered why your cat always wants to be in the bathroom with you? They demand privacy when they use the litter box, but they definitely don’t pay humans the same respect! Why is that? Scientists don’t have answers but certainly some ideas. Let’s explore the reasons your cat insists on joining you when you “do your business.”


We all know cats are curious, and—while we hope that curiosity never kills them—if you go to the bathroom and spend any amount of time behind a closed door, your cat is going to wonder what mysterious thing you’re doing in there, without him. So, he has to scratch, paw, meow, and bang on the door until he finds out! “Felines are territorial animals”, writes Dr. Marty Becker for Vet Street. “Cats always want to know what’s going on in their territory, and they probably want to make sure you don’t do anything that might attract predators.”

You’re a Captive Audience

Cats love attention (on their own terms, of course). And, while you’re taking a few minutes to yourself, they see it as an opportunity to rub against your legs, jump on your lap, and demand some attention. Who can resist petting their cat when that happens? Little did you realize, by giving your cat what she wants, you’re actually rewarding her behavior. She learns that when you go in that room, she’s going to get some lovins. Or, she may be trying to find the warmest spot in the house to curl up, and that’s why we see so many photos of cats sitting in their humans’ undies!

It Feels Safe

We all know cats are predators but, because of their small size, they are also prey. Your cat sees you as a protector or guardian and might feel vulnerable when you’re not there. So, he seeks you out for safety.

Sure, cats have a reputation for being aloof and not caring about their humans. But, anyone who’s had the love of a cat knows that’s definitely not the case! Just like dogs, cats tend to follow their people wherever they go. In fact, if you’ve got a cat that’s always by your side, you probably don’t even bother closing the bathroom door anymore!

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