5 Reasons to Celebrate Cats This Pet Appreciation Week

In light of Pet Appreciation Week (5th-11th June), we think we ought to celebrate our furry friends. Whether you’re a cat owner, admirer or are just trying to figure out which pet is your pawfect match, Catington Post wants to encourage you to celebrate all the cats of the world. Here are just a few reasons why we think cats are just purrfect… 

1. Their Bravado

Cats are no strangers to getting themselves in sticky situations with their, sometimes overly, inquisitive or daring nature. Cats stuck in trees is a tale as old as time but, when they aren’t making life-threatening suits, their bravado is truly awe-inspiring.

pet appreciation

2. They’re Low Maintenance

Cats might be the nation’s second favorite pet, but compared to their barking-peers, they’re pretty low maintenance. Unlike dogs, cats don’t require extensive training – although, they do love to learn new tricks. Cats are also better at their own basic self-cleaning and require less grooming. Remember though, every cat is different and will require different needs. Why not take a look at our top 3 grooming supplies to ensure you properly care for your cat?  

pet appreciation

3. Pest Control 

Love it or loathe it, cats are great pest controllers! Cats have it written in their DNA to stalk and hunt prey, whether it’s bugs or rodents. Even having a cat in your house is enough to deter these pests. Although, we do admit it can be quite gross finding your furry-friend’s victories. 

pet appreciation

4. They Love to Socialize 

We’ve all heard the tale that our cats are cold and distant and are only interested in us when they want to eat, but studies have shown that cats enjoy their interactions with us more than all of their other stimuli. Yes, that includes catnip. Even if they’re not sociable with everyone else, you can guarantee that your cat loves to socialize with you. 

pet appreciation

5. They’re Sleepy

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping cat? We don’t think so. Cats sleep anywhere from 12 to 16 hours a day which is great for snapping pictures of them at their cutest. You must provide your cat with a safe and comfortable personal space for all of their napping to keep your cat happy.

pet appreciation

What other cat traits do you think we should celebrate this Pet Appreciation Week? Let us know with a comment!

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