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5 Reasons You Should Grow Cat Grass

“Cats are obligate carnivores,” you say. “Why would I grow grass for my cat?”

There is a lot of conjecture about why cats like to eat grass. Some say it’s behavioral, others say it’s part of their normal ancestral diet (more on that below). Whatever the reason, it’s obvious that most cats love to gnaw on cat grass once in a while and it should be offered at least a few times each month to keep your cat at his healthiest. If you really adore your feline, you’ll mix in some cat greens and catnip for optimum selection! Different cat grasses have different benefits, so keep a wide selection growing.

Here are five reasons why it’s good to give your cat access to nature’s best grasses (and tips on which grasses that will be most beneficial to your cat).

1. Some grasses help cats pass hairballs naturally

Cat grass is a great alternative (or addition to) the petroleum-based products that we generally give cats to help control hairballs. If you’ve been giving your cat hairball supplements, consider the ingredient list and then pick up some nice oat grass.

2. It gives them better breath

If your kitty has truly bad breath, it’s time to get them into the vet for a dental. But if they just smell slightly bad, cat grass is a great way to sweeten it up. The chlorophyll found in cat grass is thought to have a sweetening effect on a cat’s metabolic system – and it may just help freshen up the litter box as well!

3. They would normally get grass in their diet

If your cat was still roaming wild, chances are they would be hunting. And when they hunt, they tend to consume all of the prey (not just the white meat). Because of this, there are many who believe greens are natural in a cat’s diet – they just tended to get it from the herbivores they hunted rather than by grazing because their prey already had the wild herbs inside of them.

4. It gives them vitamins and minerals they can’t get anywhere else

Grasses are a major form of vitamins and minerals your cat probably won’t have access to anywhere else. Take, for example, wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is so full of chlorophyll, antioxidants, riboflavin and folic acid that it has been nicknamed “liquid sunshine.”

5. Grass is easy to grow and it will save your houseplants

Your cat may be less inclined to leave punctures and tears in your houseplants if you place cat grass around your home. If you don’t provide some raw greens for your cat, they’ll likely begin nibbling on your houseplants and that can prove toxic!

Be sure you know what type of plants you have indoors and which ones may be very bad if you’re keeping them around your cats. See this guide for more information on what houseplants are safe for your cat.

Does your cat like to nibble on grass and plants? Let us know if you plan to grow some cat grass for him!

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